Better Health Marketing will help you get a predictable patient schedule every month.

Welcome to a new kind of digital marketing, one designed for health clinicians just like you. Don’t let other marketing products overcomplicate your clinic. With years of experience in the specialty medicine industry, we know exactly how to help you attract and convert the right patients to your practice.

Schedule a free strategy session.

We will discuss your current clinic and digital marketing plans and introduce you to our services that can address areas of improvement.

Receive a Custom plan.

We will address how you stack up against the competition and plan for what services and data analytics will be implemented.

Enjoy a steady stream of patients.

With the implementation of our services, you can enjoy an increasing stream of new and returning patients.

Why Better Health Marketing?

Start with Strategy

We don’t believe that one size fits all. We know that every clinic has their own individual goals and challenges.  We tailor everything we do to your practice’s specific needs. All good marketing starts with a simple, and well thought out plan.

Launch New Therapies

We are all about building life-long relationships with your patients, and we are experts in knowing how to launch new health services for the benefit of your patients, and your practice. Let us help you introduce your new therapies in the most effective way possible.

Get Predictable

One of the biggest sore spots for independent healthcare providers is the unpredictability of your patient schedule. We provide the best in evidence-based marketing, so you know exactly where you stand and how to improve through data and analytics.


“Wow, you all did an incredible job putting together a site that is so easy to follow and has great content. Talk about building trust and providing great service. Thanks to all!”

– Ross S

” The entire team … did a great job in helping me focus my marketing message to appeal to my target audience.  They worked with me from creating my logo (which I love!), to developing a website and relevant blog posts … that complemented my overall branding.  I found [the engagement manager] and his team to be responsive to feedback, thorough in the time they spent with me to get to know and understand my messaging, and skilled at delivering quality services and products.  I highly recommend [them], and am thankful for the work they did to help me with my branding! “

– Jennifer H

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